Thursday, February 26, 2009

After a one day practice on the track i figured out that the track need a bikes which should get open in a higher rpm. I opt for a high ported cyclinder. By choosing this, the bike opens at a higher rpm. In corners i can de clutch and reach a particular power band. 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Arattupuzha - Race

After a bad season start it was really tough for me to regain my confidence. But i think i did it. I build my bike from ground up again. This time i changed from my original setup. My aim was to setup a bike which will not cease. I went for a medium ported cylinder and  original electronics. I did a test ride in the track and bike was good. A mild change in my carburetor tune made it better. I was able to complete a lap in 57 sec. Race day , it was an important race for me and i was prepared. All the heats went good. There was not much competition in the heats. I know it will be tough in the finals. My plan was to attack Jinan from behind. And i was prepared for it. Flags down , and i took off. Afzal got a good start. I think his bike has good pickup and torque. I hate torque. The more the torque the more the bike will skid. Afzal lost his front wheel in a turn , and i passed him , Jinan too passed him. I was not prepared to ride in front of Jinan, i know it was my fault , but my plan was to attack Jinan. Lap three i made a mistake in a zig zag corner after a long straight. I was in second gear and i was a bit late to put 3rd and open my bike. Jinan took advantage of this. He was in gear 3 already. He easily passed me. Now it was according to my plan . I admit that Jinan has better stamina than me . It was an 8 lap race and i thought i should reserve my energy for the last lap. I revamped my strategy to attack him and take some risk in the last lap. The competition was really interesting and it was neck to neck. It was  long time since i  raced with that much energy and enthusiasm. Last lap , i got two slipped gears and he pulled a little more away from me. When you are riding with one of the best riders , mistakes count and i didn't had any more laps with me to take a chance. I had a good time racing. I know i have some disadvantages which will be corrected. I again congratulate Jinan for riding the race with lesser mistakes. It's really a skill which can only be learned by experience. Beating Jinan on track is not easy , but again i don't like easy competition 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Parur - Race

Season 2009 , my expectations where high. A chance to compete with Jinan again and to benchmark myself. But my thirteen got unlucky again. It not 'again' it's 'again and again and again'.
My bike's crank went off two days before the race. My magnet broke when i doing my trials the day before the race. My magnet was modified and it was a critical part of my bike setup. I had to put an ordinary magnet which upsets my bike setup. My bike lost it strength in higher rpm. I thought i will make it ready at night. When i was on my way to a friend workshop near by, i was picked up by highway patrol. They where not ready to leave me and at last i had to go to the station and pay them a fine. My friend in Ernakulam rectified up my bike. He put his own cylinder block which was modified to occupy a larger piston . i was really satisfied with the bike' s performance when i left his workshop. But fate has other plans for me. Race day , two laps of high rpm trials , my cylinder sleeve went off. My bike got broke again. Then i realized its not my day. Somebody had an old cylinder which i put in my bike and i placed 5th. Bad start for a season  .... will see . It's not the end of the world!