Sunday, February 22, 2009

Arattupuzha - Race

After a bad season start it was really tough for me to regain my confidence. But i think i did it. I build my bike from ground up again. This time i changed from my original setup. My aim was to setup a bike which will not cease. I went for a medium ported cylinder and  original electronics. I did a test ride in the track and bike was good. A mild change in my carburetor tune made it better. I was able to complete a lap in 57 sec. Race day , it was an important race for me and i was prepared. All the heats went good. There was not much competition in the heats. I know it will be tough in the finals. My plan was to attack Jinan from behind. And i was prepared for it. Flags down , and i took off. Afzal got a good start. I think his bike has good pickup and torque. I hate torque. The more the torque the more the bike will skid. Afzal lost his front wheel in a turn , and i passed him , Jinan too passed him. I was not prepared to ride in front of Jinan, i know it was my fault , but my plan was to attack Jinan. Lap three i made a mistake in a zig zag corner after a long straight. I was in second gear and i was a bit late to put 3rd and open my bike. Jinan took advantage of this. He was in gear 3 already. He easily passed me. Now it was according to my plan . I admit that Jinan has better stamina than me . It was an 8 lap race and i thought i should reserve my energy for the last lap. I revamped my strategy to attack him and take some risk in the last lap. The competition was really interesting and it was neck to neck. It was  long time since i  raced with that much energy and enthusiasm. Last lap , i got two slipped gears and he pulled a little more away from me. When you are riding with one of the best riders , mistakes count and i didn't had any more laps with me to take a chance. I had a good time racing. I know i have some disadvantages which will be corrected. I again congratulate Jinan for riding the race with lesser mistakes. It's really a skill which can only be learned by experience. Beating Jinan on track is not easy , but again i don't like easy competition 


  1. 2days race is not bad man its a gud competition with u and jinan

  2. I think it was a good competition...Jinan is a perfect rider.But try well, you can .....

  3. I heard that u had a close fight with jinan.. isn't it..
    All the best dear.. will talk to u later :)


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  5. It was Ur Race Dude.....

    As an audian wishez 4 a tight competetion on nxt Race.......