Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kingfisher Dirt Race 2010

One of the best race in my life and a victory with a vengeance!. It is not good for a rider to complain about the bike when he is beaten. I saw jinan doing it in the indian experts semi final. We exchanged positions 3 times and in the last lap he was hinting to the crowed that this bike is not good. We all know how good that bike performed in the timed event. So its not the bike, its him who has a problem when there is some one to compete against him. Everybody told me i should have pushed hard in the timed event. I was not ready to make a mistake in the time event that will affect my two finals.I wanted him in the track to nail him. And for all those who heard that his piston seized.... it is a lie. The first response from a person when a piston seizes is to apply clutch. But he braked. He applied both his brakes after a corner just to throw me off balance. His dirty trick didn't work out.This time luck was with rider 13.

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  1. yes , he is right i too saw it , he braked in the corner