Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quilon [Kollam] Motocross

India Open - 1st
Indian Experts - 1st
Open Class - ........ 1st

In one word 'domination'. The day was good except the fact that my bike was facing a jetting problem. I ended up getting no start for both Indian experts and Open Class. I was the last one to turn the first corner. But bike was actually better in higher rpm. Better in the sense a lot better and better than any other bike in the track. I opted for normal rear tyre. Because the track had some pretty long straights. The track was flat and had some very good overtaking spots. In Indian Open i spent some time with the carb and bike was much better and i got a hole shot. But in the finals i missed the start. Shabaz khan took the lead but my i was able to catch him with in a lap. Even though i dominated , i think i missed the fun. Its was all my bike and i had only little to do in the track.. just twist the throttle. But i think i missed the fun because it was fairly easy. The event was under FMSCI guidance and was conducted by Quilon Motorspors Club. Hats off to them for conducting the event.