Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Xtreme Riders Dirt Bike Race -2010 Palakkad

Great race , great track , great audience. Track was super speed track. Gravel terrain, little bit wet when the race started and dried out in the end. 4 classes to ride and 12 riders per start. Great feeling and riders from all over south india.

The track was not technical. There where very less corners and there was nothing challenging except the speed.The track condition changed at the end of the race and bike started loosing rear grip.

After the 3rd race it was like if i win it, i will be the best rider but they did'nt gave me time to settle in the start. They pulled the gate too fast before i expected it. I didn't get start and i started 4th. But it was fun to ride because it was a fast track and since the rear grip was less , it was like riding on ice. I finished 2nd and i was able to finish too close to guy who started first.

Shabaz khan was the best rider and he did a great job. One of his best quality is riding a flawless race even under pressure. He is a gifted rider and good competition.

Mahesh who is riding his second race came 3rd in beginners and 2nd in novice. This is a great achievement because me and him are the only riders from kerala who where in podium.

Indian Open 2nd
Indian Experts 2nd
Two Stroke Open Class 2nd
Xtreme Open Class 1st

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