Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kandanissery – Race

Motogp track for an autocross. The track was made by jinan , for jinan. He did a high sprocket so that he can leverage this 3rd gear. The surface was dry mud. Dry dust was a major problem since the guy in the back will not be able see any thing. There was not much riders. I don’t know what jinan want to prove , i was put in the heats with him. There was no start gate; the start was a flag start. Flags up, Jinan got the start, I was just behind him, the track was designed as an outer ring with very less corners. Jinan’s bike was flying in 3rd gear. But since his bike has a higher sprocket, 1st and 2nd gears of the bike was a flop. That was the reason he designed the track like that. After lap one I 

was able to close him. I was not in a mood to overtake. I was enjoying my ride with him. Wide corner after the long straight , I was so close and both of out bikes were parallel. Heats finished. I was confident. Professional finals, I know start is important. I was expecting a push from him so that he can take a lead. The guy with the flag started counting .. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. I didn’t hear the word “GO” , jinan and santhosh took off. I waited for a second. No body is bothered to call them back. I took off. I never expected such a behavior from jinan. He was desperate to win, but jump start is not the right choice. I palced 2nd.

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  1. Just to correct u, it was Anand riding Santhosh's bike in the finals.