Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trichur Race

Day before trichur race.. My bike lost its compression. I tried my best to increase it but the engine performance was bad. I did a parallel run with one of the novice bikes, i lost with him in straight line. I was depressed. Why these things always happens to me. I decided to bore a new piston in to the kit in the evening. Me and my friends finished setting it up late night. Race day, i was expecting a bad day. My bike has a new piston which is not set and how can i ride it with out the piston being set. My friends told me that they saw Jinan guiding the committee to put the trace, i was expecting a track with very less corners. When i reach there , i was the track was a flow track where you can  ride easily by shifting gears. The terrain was very tough. Track has lot of dips. I did a trail. First lap went good , second lap my piston ceased. Bad luck again. I put some extra oil so that it will not cease again. Heats went good. Professional finals, Jinan go the start I was behind him. It was a 6 lap race. I didn't opened the bike too much because i thought my piston will cease again. I was watching jinan. He was riding defencive. He was busy blocking me in the corners. After lap 3 i decided to open my bike. A corner after a straight , i easily passed him , Then i decided to push harder because any way i am taking a risk. My bike can cease at any point . So better blast it. Lap 4,5,6 Jinan was behind me. I know he cannot beat me because i was faster than him in all the corners. He was not able to take the advantage of his 3rd gear because the track also. Final lap ,i was confident i can beat him. Last straight , one more corner to go. i was on my second gear full throttle. I tried to shift to 3rd , i got a false neutral, i tried again , my third gear was not engaging. I got upset. i know jinan has already put 3rd gear. All i can do was to hold on to my second gear till the corner. Jinan was just behind. Since i was at the limit of the second gear , i took tie for me to control my bike in the last corner. Jinan passed me in the last corner. I placed 2nd. Every body told me that i should have blocked him. But my mind was not in a mood to block. Because i never block , i blast.

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