Monday, May 17, 2010

Chavakkad Race (Sand Track)

The track was not that technical. But riding in it was tough. The track has 2 sharp corners ,one zig zag and 3 wide corners. It was a small track , designed in a very less space. I did some practice laps but was not able to get momentum. The bike was not getting enough speed as the back tyre was spinning and getting covered under sand. My first heats didn't went that good. I got the start but i was not able to keep up the speed and the guy behind was closing on me. His ride was an Tvs apache 4 stroke. 4 stroke was performing very good in that track as it produce more torque. I had no other option but to block dinu and ride. There was no doubt that that bike was performing way better than mine and dinu was doing a great job with it. Second heats , i really don't know how dinu came again in the heats with me. He got a good start and i had no other option but to settle for second. All the corners had ruts formed and the only line was to ride through the ruts. I was sure that dinu will take the lead in the finals if i ride with the same setup. I changed my bike setup before finals( don't ask me what i did , its a trade secret). I did a test run and the setup felt good. Finals, i got the start. But i am not sure about the authenticity of my start. I feel i did a jump start. Nobody complained ,but i think i did a 50% jump start. I am a person who insist on having a gate for all the races i ride. But this race there was no gate and things like happen and cannot be controlled if there is no gate. I felt confident and i pushed my bike. The bike was behaving as expected. There was less wheel spin in corners and i was able to shit to higher gears. I finished with a good lead. Dinu place second and afzal was third. Dinu did a fair job in the race. One more guy i noticed is mahesh , a novice rider. It was his first race and he was riding like a pro. I think he does have a good future in this business.

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