Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cheyyaram Race. (Rain messed up the track)

It was a very good track (before rain). Not much wider than the kingfisher track. My practice laps went good. Competition was very good in the first heats. Shabaz khan (kingfisher indian experts winner) a very good rider and competing guy from mysore was in my heats. It was very interesting and i did some interesting overtaking in the heats.I placed 1st in both heats and semi. After the heats the track condition changed because of heavy rain, most of the track was under water and the corners went slippery. Finals started and i was second after the first corner. Jinan got a good start and was in the front. I gave my best in the first two laps to get closer to him but there was only one line available in the track, which was the outer line. No other lines on the track was usable because of the wet condition. After two laps i understood that unless jinan make a mistake i can't get close to him. He was at his best and his experience in riding in wet condition is not questionable. He made no mistakes and after lap 2 i decided to settle for second. I wanted to finish the race rather than making a stupid mistake because the track was not supporting my bike setup. But in the last lap jinan started to show his real culture. He started calling me by hand (his usual gesture when he is sure about his victory) , i too was surprised, since any good rider can understand that overtaking is very dangerous in that track. I believe that he did it because of 3 reasons:
1) Desperation - He was so desperate and he wanted to show others he is good( which i do agree, but he is not the only good rider out there, who is good)
2) Cowardliness - He don't have to face another race soon, until one of his friends arrange a race favoring his bike and style
3) Foolishness - He is not realizing a coin has two faces. Next time i too can show my fingers or a single one.

Gopan an upcoming rider from trishur placed 3rd. Shabaz Kahan went down in the semi finals because of the track conditions.

Now for all the guys who support me and jinan , i don't have any personal problems with him. I do admit that he is ONE OF THE GOOD RIDERS in south india. He is good competition. But what i hate is his attitude in racing. He never supports any upcoming racer. He degrades the confidence and self respect of people who competes against him. He thinks he is unbeatable. I survived all this and now i am here, to prove it wrong....

PS: May-16 Mysore race. I think there will be good competition and i hope to see Mr. Desperate there.

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